Photography Contest 2019!


blincventures-photography-contestDo you identify yourself as an Amateur Photographer, a Student Photographer, or anyone who can take particularly good pictures? If your answer is yes, then Photography Contest is just meant for you!!

The purpose of the competition is to channelize the talent of budding photographers to highlight the work of emerging Social entrepreneurs in Nepal by providing compelling visual narration.

The photographs should be able to create an emotional response and nudge audience to support positive social action.

The theme of this contest is Social Change in Action! – Take a picture of Social Entrepreneur in Action, or a picture of Social Product or Campaign.

How Do you Enter the Contest?

Simply Follow these Steps!

  1. Pick a social enterprise whose work you would like to highlight.
  2. Take a picture of Social Change in Action.
  3. Fill in the form (link given below), and attach the picture that you have captured to
  4. register yourself for the competition.
  5. Submit the form and Sit tight.

Criteria to enter the competition.

  1. You are eligible to enter the competition if you are an amateur/student photographer, photography enthusiast, or anyone who loves photography.
  2. Photographs submitted must be original and owned by the contestant with consent from the subjects of the photograph. It must not contain any materials owned or controlled by a third party.
  3. Photographs must capture and highlight the work of social entrepreneur of Nepal.
  4. Contestants can make up to 3 entries to enter the competition.
  5. The digital photos (max 3) submitted must not exceed 12 MB in total.
  6. Each photograph should be in JPEG. format and should contain participant’s name. Eg: Sam Shrestha.jpeg
  7. A short description on the description/story or personal account would be added advantage.
  8. Upon making the submission you grant non exclusive right to use the photograph in their marketing activities and campaigns. The photographer will get credit for their work

The last date to apply for the competition and submit the photographs is 21st September 2019.

Evaluation Criteria:
Your photos will be judged on the following basis:
1. How effectively your photos capture the theme of the contest ‘social change in action’
2. Emotional response of the audience to your photos
3. Post clicks and engagement generated on your photo in social media
4. Technicality of photograph (focus, composition, lighting, exposure)


The photographs will be judged on the basis of 50% social media voting and 50% judging panel’s opinion. The Judgment Panel will include 2 members from team and one Independent Professional Photographer.

The winner will be announced on 1st week October 2019 on our official Facebook Page.

The winner will receive 5000 Rs. in Cash Price.

To apply for the competition Click here!