Gham Power Mobile App Development Challenge


Gham Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd is organizing Mobile Application Development Challenge where participants will create interactive survey mobile apps. It is organized with the objective to find the best app that will help in data collection from farmers in rural areas. Furthermore, the challenge encourages and gives a platform for enthusiastic developers to use their knowledge and implement the ideas that will positively affect society as well as help themselves grow. 

Participation Details:

  1. You can participate either individually or in teams.
  2. A team can consist of a maximum of five members only.
  3. Anyone who has completed or is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Computer, Software Development or a related field can apply.
  4. The app will be evaluated and judged by a panel of experts in Gham Power and their decision will be the final.
  5. Once registered, we will send you more details on the challenge via email. 

Application Deadline: 16th August 2019
Register here:

Gham Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a leading renewable energy-focused social enterprise based in Nepal. For more information about this challenge, visit Mobile App Development Challenge