Are You Interested to Know About ‘Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?’


Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?

Date: 31. August. 2019.
Venue: Mc Donald’s Food Cafe Restaurant & Banquet, Mid-Baneshwor , Kathmandu
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Entry fee: None 

About “Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?”

According to Mr. Rahul Yadav, the young and visionary organiser of the event, Nepal is going to face Human Crisis; he says that if this trend of Brain Drain and migration continues by 2030 only 7% of youths will remain in Nepal. He believes that entrepreneurship is a way forward.

“Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?” is a one day long event lead by Global Entrepreneurs Hub that aims to stir discussions on ways to harness the power of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and and how they can be used to solve problems and challenges that exist in developing countries like Nepal.

About Global Entrepreneurs Hub:

Global Entrepreneurs Hub has previously worked on different events with similar theme :of bringing youth together to solve problems of Health, Education, Agriculture etc, and building an ecosystem to solve such problems. They have visions to conduct similar events in the future as well. Their approach may be different, but their mission remains the same.

Objective of the Event:

The objective of the Event is to involve and aware youth about the Global Trends in  field of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and install entrepreneurial and problem solving mindset in them, through one day long event that will comprise of different activities, and will also involve various start-ups and experts from different fields. 

Key Activities:

The activities of the event will include: 

1. Keynote speaking session by:
  Mr. Ravi Kumar the Founder of Code for Nepal
Mr. Binay Devkota, Clock B Business Innovations

2. Panel discussion on:
“Why entrepreneurship in Nepal ? Connecting youth to it.”
The panelists will include: Co- Founder & CEO of Tootle Mr. Sixit Bhatta, Co-Founder &CEO of Khalti Mr. Amt Agarwal, Executive Director of King’s College Mr. Narottam Aryal, and IT consultant to Prime Minister’s Office Mr. Asgar Ali.

Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?“Start-up: scaling-up, challenges, team building, execution etc.
The panelists will include : CEO of Thryza Dow, Founder of Open Space Network Faija Parween, Founder and CEO of Food Mario Rohit Tiwari, and CEO of Clock B Business Innovations Binay Devkota

3. Networking Session

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